We are aware of the importance of having a strategy and projects for the modernization of public services in our city that are provided by the city-hall of Alcoy.

A sample of what we have and are doing in these aspects is:

Online Site

The Online Site of the City of Alcoy is the electronic address available for citizens, through telecommunications networks, through which the City of Alcoy disseminates information and provides services.

Photovoltaic installations

As for photovoltaic installations: we have an installed power of 155Kw.

These facilities have resulted in a total saving of almost 600 tons of CO2 that have not been emitted into the atmosphere, and more than 50 tons of CO2 per year will not be emitted into the atmosphere. These facilities have also meant a total power generated of more than 1150Mwh.

Green Line

App and web to send incidents to the town hall. We will publish data soon

Citizen participation

By 2018, the City of Alcoy has allocated an amount of € 400,000 so that among all the residents of the municipality we can decide in what we invest this amount. As a novelty, in addition to the investment chapter, we will attend to proposals that affect activities and programs of Culture and Social Welfare.

Smart water management

Our city has a system of remote management and control of the drinking water supply system. In addition to internal parameters for management, it indicates aspects such as the health of our aquifers and the network’s performance. We will publish data soon.


We are already working on the Open Data portal, in the complete SmartCity platform and in other projects that we will tell you shortly.

If you think you can improve your city, tell us about here.

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