Innovation and knowledge are basic in order to get a sustainable productive model from an economical, social and environmental point of view.

In the frame of innovation we highlight those projects:

Inmpulse Net

Cities and Cience Innovation Net, as a meeting point of all those city halls that intend to advance on defining and applying innovative local politics.


Agora is an open space of promotion, integration and interrelation between corporations and citizens sharing the idea of designing a new economic model for the Shire and to set Alcoy and its surroundings as a benchmark for entrepreneurism and innovation at national and international level through advice, information and any methodology that generates new economic and/or business values and encourages the innovation of people.

Xarxa valenciana de ciutats per la innovacio

Xarxa Valenciana de Ciutats per la Innovació is an association that encourages innovation in local environments through collaboration between local government, citizens and businesses. Currently, there are already 12 populations associated with the project.

ERDF funds – Edusi

The concept of Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development refers to the approach with which the European Commission (EC) will address the problems of European urban areas in the next programming period 2014-2020. It is configured as a priority area of ​​EC action for its ability to promote the development of territories from a sustainable, balanced and holistic perspective.

The Alcoidemà initiative endorsed by the Ministry and the European Union that has received an important subsidy within the EDUSI line (Strategy for Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development) for the period 2016-2020 and which implies a global investment, for the city, of €20 million , €10 m. of them through European funds.

Congress “Small & Medium Smart Cities””

This event, which will take place on the 14th and 15th of February, 2018, aims to welcome the debate on the transformation of small and medium-sized cities to address the challenge of sustainability as a whole. Specialists from the different localities of Spain will be meeting and they are already developing projects aimed at converting their cities into smart cities.

And we continue working on projects that we will tell you.

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