Innovation and knowledge are basic to achieve a sustainable production model from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

Red Innpulso

Network of Science and Innovation Cities, as a meeting point for all city councils that wish to advance in the definition and application of innovative local policies.

IPP - "Nodos IoT para Smart Alcoi"

Innovative Public Procurement represents a great opportunity for cities.

The project “Nodos IoT para Smart Alcoi”, subsidized with more than 90.000€ by the Agencia Valenciana de Innovación, is focused on the realization of preparatory actions for the implementation of IPP projects and the dynamization of the entities of the Valencian Innovation System from the Ayuntamiento de Alcoy to deploy a system of nodes or IoT devices.

This project has already started and will end in December 2020.

Four types of IoT nodes with utility for Alcoy have been identified and classified:

  • BUILDING nodes, adapted to be installed in public buildings.
  • SOCIAL nodes that serve to improve social benefits for citizens, with special interest in vulnerable groups.
  • ECONOMIC nodes, aimed at collecting information for businesses, companies and industrial estates.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE nodes, which make it possible to monitor the behaviour of critical city infrastructures such as: bridges, major arteries, water supply, evacuation or sewerage systems, slopes and slopes, cuttings and rivers, among others. The monitoring of this type of critical elements will enable early detection and action in the face of potential natural or man-made disasters that could lead to the collapse of the city.

Innovation challenges identified:

During the 2019 working sessions, the following challenges were identified.

Preliminary Market Consultation (CPM)

On the following page you will find information about the first CMP of the Alcoy City Council that will be held on September 22, 2020 online.

September 22,2020:

Last related events:

On Wednesday July 22nd, the Alcoy City Council held a training session on innovative public procurement, aimed at companies.

The main objective of this conference was to provide knowledge about innovative public procurement and the role that companies, clusters and research groups can have in its management and promotion. To this end, during the session the main keys to innovative public procurement were analysed:

  1.       INTRODUCTION TO INNOVATIVE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT. Processes, experiences and barriers.
  2.       TYPES OF IPP: Practical examples.
  3.       FINANCIAL DIMENSION: Sources of funding.
  5.       PUBLIC TENDERS.
  6.       CPI project: Smart Alcoi IoT nodes.

Here you have available the video of that seminar.

Alcoi Smart Social

We are currently developing, together with the UPV-EPSA and the UA, a project subsidized in 49,000€ by the Agencia Valenciana de la Innovación, whose main objectives are the development of products and services based on IoT and AI, which on the one hand allow to improve the quality of life of the elderly people in risk and on the other hand to know the needs of the citizens of Alcoy.

Alcoi Tourist Lab

The Valencian Agency of Innovation (AVI), within the program of aid of Complementary Actions of Impulse and Strengthening of the Innovation, in its call of 2020, has granted in the City council of Alcoy an aid of 48,953.03 Euros for the project “Alcoy Tourist Lab”. This project is part of the city’s strategy to become an Intelligent Tourist Destination (ITD) and is linked to the ITD Plan already approved by the city.

The main objective of “Alcoy Tourist Lab” is to develop and test solutions and functional pilot projects, hardware and software, which allow to obtain and analyze patterns and levels of expenditure of visitors and citizens of Alcoy who enjoy the cultural, tourist, technological, gastronomic and leisure offer of the city.

On the other hand, the subsidized project will allow through the analysis, to know the impact of the actions carried out and will improve the management and planning of them and of the city, as well as to improve the services offered both for the public administration and for the sectors of the trade, tourism and hotel business, from the obtained results and the designed indicators.

As far as possible, artificial vision and deep learning techniques applied to the tourist needs of the city of Alcoy will be used, as well as IoT devices that will support the needs identified in the tourist advice phase.

The aim is not only to obtain data on the number of visitors/attendants and whether or not they are tourists, but also to analyse patterns of visits and preferences and try to find out their origin, always respecting privacy and data protection legislation.

The project aims to study as a key point, and which adds difficulty to the project, the challenge of obtaining and analysing data on visits to places and activities so diverse and spread throughout the wide municipal area such as, for example, cycle-tourist and walking routes; activities and visits in natural parks; visits to the Preventori Royal Camp; gathering of people at festivals and events in emblematic places in the historical centre of the city and levels of occupation of parking areas.

In order to solve the challenges posed by the initiative, INVATTUR, the universities of the Valencian innovation system and several local actors such as restaurants, accommodations, hotels and shops will be involved and will be designed and provided with tools to obtain their valuable information and cross it with several data sources such as those obtained by the IoT sensor, web analysis tools, information from social networks or open data portals, among others.

StreetLab Na Saurina d'Entenca

Our StreetLab, is a project subsidized with more than 90.000 € by the Valencian Agency of the Innovation.

StreetLab is an initiative that considers the street as a Smart laboratory where new solutions can be tested under real urban conditions.

The characteristics of Entenza Street are ideal for obtaining significant results due to its length, location and connection with the other districts of the city.

In a first phase, the laboratory will be equipped with basic systems so that companies, educational centres and citizens can use the laboratory and its infrastructure. The Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Alicante are collaborating intensively in the project. StreetLab will be equipped with:

  • LoRaWAN connectivity, which is a wireless communication structure that facilitates the connection of various types of technological devices.
  • Prototype of Chatbot, an artificial intelligence system that informs citizens about issues related to the street or the city.
  • By means of the structure of sensors and cameras and the communication of the touch screens, the flow of people and vehicles will be monitored.
  • Using the structure IoT Sensors will be installed inside buildings and shops to improve the living conditions of citizens.

With this project we are convinced that Alcoy returns to be among the most innovative Spanish municipalities in the application of Smart City, and especially in the definition and application of the Small and Medium Smart City Medium demonstrating that with the effort of all and the planning of an exciting project and assumed by the citizenry we can improve the lives of people and their environment.


Ágora is an open space for promotion, integration and interrelation between entities and people in order to design a new economic model in the region and position Alcoy and the region as a benchmark of entrepreneurship, innovation nationally and internationally through advice, information and any methodology that generates new economic values and / or business and encourages innovation of people.

Xarxa valenciana de ciutats per la innovacio

La Xarxa Valenciana de Ciutats per la Innovació is a partnership that fosters innovation in local environments through collaboration between local government, citizens and businesses. Currently, there are 12 populations associated with the project.

Fondos FEDER – Edusi

The concept Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development refers to the approach with which the European Commission (EC) will address the problems of European urban areas in the next programming period 2014-2020. It is configured as a priority area for EC action due to its capacity to promote the development of territories from a sustainable, balanced and holistic perspective.

The Alcoidemà initiative, endorsed by the Ministry and the European Union, which has received an important subsidy within the EDUSI (Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy) line for the period 2016-2020 and which represents a global investment, for the city, of 20 million euros, 10 of them through European funds.

The Congress “Small & Medium Smart Cities”

This event took place on 14 and 15 February 2018, and aimed to host the debate on the transformation of small and medium-sized cities to address the challenge of sustainability as a whole. Specialists from different localities in Spain met and are already developing projects aimed at turning their cities into intelligent cities.

Artificial Intelligence Days

On September 10 and 11, the first “Alcoy Artificial Intelligence Conference” was held in Alcoy, in whose organization participated Distrito Digital de la Comunidad Valenciana, in collaboration with Ayuntamiento de Alcoy, Escuela Politécnica Superior de Alcoy and SumamoOs.

These “First Conference on Artificial Intelligence Alcoy 2020” was a meeting forum to raise awareness of the practical application of technology to citizens, for individuals or companies and which could be attended both in person and through virtual platform.

The event was structured in two days, on Thursday September 10th from 16 to 19h, dedicated to present to the citizens in general the reality of the Artificial Intelligence in the daily actions while on Friday September 11th from 10 to 12h, it was focused to CEOs and responsible of companies that could know directly from firms and innovative agents, the possibilities that the AI can offer them.

You can see the conferences from the following links:

Day 10:

Day 11:

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