Education is one of the society pillars. The commitment degree with the operation of the city and with the citizen’t quality of life will depend on their educative level. Helping with educative centres and promoting creativity and entrepreneurism among the youngsters of our city is one of our challenges.

We will highlight the next projects:

Smart City Tour

The program tries to get closer youngsters and the Smart City culture. Make the education world realize about the valor of their support in the transformation proccess of Alcoi into an smart city.

Trying to motivate with an active participation dealing with the expression, with the starting up and the implication of the later development.

Cátedra Smart City

The finality of Smart City Chair will be the collaboration and development of a smart city project. The main collaborating initiative will be in the developmentof service platforms that, supported on the main technologies running at the moment, could define an integrated data base system in all the key processes of the city. This main objective will be divided into specific objectives for the project building of projects that create a benefit for the city and their citizens. All this within the framework of the specific objectives and purposes of the University.

This are the highlighted projects:


Car counting.

Wi-Fi spots.

And in the present we are working inside the Chair on:

Adapting several city GIS maps.

Setting up and installig noise sensors across the city.

And we continue working on projects that we will tell you.

Alcoy Chair City of knowledge.

The objective of this Chair is the stablishment of a performance framework for the collaboration between EPSA and Alcoi City Hall, through which both institutions have the intend of making different joint activities. This activities are specified in different events guided on the promotion and diffusion of Science in the different education stages, specifically adapted to Primary school (Week of Science), Secondary school (Young week of Science), Baccalaureate and Vocational Education (Contests) and University students (pupil’s projects and academic exchange) and ffor general society (Science week, Summer University and ExpoScience).


Training space, leisure, creative, that promotes the association and that is a great revulsive for the city, hand in hand with the future that is in youth.

Àgora Lab 

Ágoralab is the space dedicated to educational robotics. Courses and workshops are given for children, trainers and the general public, who want to introduce themselves in the maker spirit, learning to develop applications in robotics, home automation and electronics. To do this we can use open source / open hardware media tools such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing … promoting the creative use of new technologies.


The main objective of NetVE is to promote the mobility of students and professionals in order to complete their studies with training practices in a corporation, the exchange of methodologies and educational experiencies between schools and professionals, increasing linguistic competence of the students and to ease the transition from the Educational System to the working world.


It is an European project that tries to find european sustainable sollutions for existing and new surroundings of the city. Its main purpose is to promote the development of sustainable cities through international cooperation. In the 2017 edition, students from the University of Utrecht develop a sustainable mobility project, the result of which is the following link.

And we continue working on projects that we will tell you.

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