Education is one of the pillars of our society. The degree of commitment to the functioning of the city and to the quality of life of citizens will depend on their level of education. Collaborating with educational centers and promoting creativity and entrepreneurship among the young people of our city is one of our challenges.

Smart City Tour

The program aims to bring the culture of Smart City closer to the youngest. To make the educational world aware of the value of its contribution to the process of transforming Alcoy into an intelligent city. As well as motivating active participation in terms of expression, implementation and involvement in subsequent development.

Smart City Chair

The purpose of the SMART CITY Chair will be the collaboration and development of the intelligent city project. The main collaboration initiative will be the development of service platforms that, based on the main technologies currently available, will be able to define a database system integrated in all the key processes of the city. This main objective will be subdivided into specific objectives for carrying out projects that benefit the city and its citizens. All this within the framework of the object and specific purposes of the University. We can highlight the following projects:


Vehicle Counting


And right now, we’re working inside the chair at:

Adaptation of several municipal GIS maps.

Configuration and installation of noise sensors…

… and more projects that we will tell you and you will be able to see in the portal.

Alcoy Chair city of knowledge.

The aim of this Chair is to establish a framework for collaboration between EPSA and Alcoy City Council, through which the two institutions intend to carry out various joint activities. These activities take the form of different events aimed at promoting and disseminating science at different educational stages, specifically aimed at Primary (Magic of Science), Secondary (Young Science Week), Baccalaureate and Training Cycles (competitions) and university students (student projects and academic exchange) and society in general (Science Week, Summer University and Expociencia).


The CCJ, is a formative, leisure and creative space that fosters associationism and that is a great revulsive for the city, hand in hand with the future that is in youth.

Àgora Lab

Ágoralab is the space dedicated to educational robotics. There are courses and workshops for children, trainers and the general public, who want to introduce themselves into the maker spirit, learning to develop applications of robotics, domotics and electronics. For this purpose, open source / open hardware media are used, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing… promoting the creative use of new technologies.


The main objective of the Xarxa FP is to encourage the mobility of students and professionals to carry out training internships in companies, the exchange of educational methodologies and experiences between centres and professionals, increase students’ language skills and facilitate their transition from Vocational Training to the world of work.


European project which seeks sustainable European solutions for existing and new city environments. Its main purpose is to promote the development of sustainable cities through international cooperation. In the 2017 edition, 6 students from the University of Utrecht have been in our city developing a sustainable mobility project, the result of which you can see in this link.

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