A smart city it’s a city that is compromised with its environment: PlusEnergy, environmentally sustainable and compromised with its cultural and historical elements.

Smart Citizen; Your Smart City

Alcoy is changing in order to offer us more possibilities. The main character of the Smart City is the citizen.
To become a smart citizen we must participate in the city’s network and involve ourselves in the future decisions of our city, we must save up energy, we need to use digital and telecommunication technologies, we have to recycle, we must decrease the private transport and we have to start using renewable energies.

Joining all together our city will become a Smart City.

Design your own city with the best connections of a Smart City.

Your smart and sustainable city

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City is a city able to compete in a globalized world, with a sustainable economic structure that anticipates to changes and enhances and facilitates the development of any new economic or productive models.

A Smart City is a city where its Government, its infrastructures and services are public are efficient are interactive for the citizens.

A Smart City facilitates and enhances the disposability and quality of the information and knowledge and capitalizes it in an intellectual and social way, essential actives for the city’s competitivity.

A Smart City is a city compromised with its environment: Plus Energy, environmentally sustainable and compromised with the historical and cultural elements.

A Smart City is a city that makes an appropriate use of the Information and Communication Technologies to become a smart organism, competitive and sustainable.

A city that satisfies the needs of present and future generations.

Alcoi Smart City

Alcoi Smart City” constitutes an operative plan, conformed by determinate initiatives and projects that try to give a real solution to the challenges of the city in a short-medium term, by using the accurate way of information technologies, by designing efficient and effective solutions and tracking local agents for the development  of new local industries of technological base.

Alcoi Smart City” is thought to the design, elaboration and start of plans, developments, proposals, pilot test and projects focused on the citizens and to change significantly the city from a personal point of view, to an economic and environmental.

Alcoi Smart City” is thought to adopt public-private co-operating models in the business ecosystem of the shire with punctual collaborations of concessionair and big franchisers  By fomenting the strategic alliances and real agreements in short to long term, collaboration with Public Administration Institutions and private operators, big companies and entrepreneurs.  


Repercussion of being a Smart City


For the city

  • Bigger capacity of managing services to the citizens.
  • Smaller consumption of available resources.
  • Enhancement of local economy.

For the citizen

  • Bigger amount of useful and reachable information.
  • Increase in comfortability and life quality.
  • Economic saving due to a smaller consumption.

For the private companies

  • Emmering new market opportunities
  • A potential save up on infraestructures
  • Bigger knowledge of the needs of the final customer.

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