Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC)

The Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC) consists of an open call in which any entity can contribute innovative ideas aimed at responding to a series of challenges or needs through the use of technologies that exceed the benefits of those currently on the market.

The objective of a CPM is to obtain information from market operators to know the degree of development of the technology, and thus be able to properly define the potential future public procurement tender and adequately inform economic operators of the plans of the contracting authority.

This CPM is part of the project ‘Smart Alcoy IoT Nodes‘ – coordinated by the Alcoy City Council and financed by the Valencian Agency of Innovation (AVI) through its Program of “impulse of the CPI to promote the demand of tenders of innovative products and services” – and whose purpose is to deploy an infrastructure of IoT nodes in the municipality.

For the presentation of the proposals, the proponents will stick to the rules marked by the bases of consultation.

Consultation Bases
JGL Approval


Title: Preliminary Market Consultation in the framework of the Project “IoT Nodes for Smart Alcoi”, having as main objective to provide a secure and scalable information exchange point to achieve IoT interoperability within a city and thus achieve the ability to cross, analyze and represent data from different sources easily through a single interface.

Contracting body: Ajuntament d’Alcoi.

Consultation Start Date: 22/09/2020

Deadline for receipt of applications: 6/11/2020

Who can participate?
Natural or legal persons, public or private.
Innovative solutions.
Several proposals will be admitted, individually or jointly.

How to participate?
By sending the application form to before November 6th at 3pm.
For questions or inquiries, send an email to

Information of interest
The presentation of the proposals will follow the rules of the call.
Proposals should focus on solving the challenge posed.
They may present entities with partial or integral solutions.
They may present more than one proposal, individually or in collaboration.
Clearly structure the additional information sent in the annexed format.
Details of the application form should be attached.
It will be possible to call for an interview or meetings, once the deadline for the reception of proposals is closed.



Consultation Rules
to the Market


Annex I:
of the Challenge

Challenge Presentation  
Challenge Presentation  

Annex II:
Form for

Conference Document
CPM Presentation

Annex III:
Form for the resolution of doubts

Update Board


PROGRAMME: Promotion of innovative public procurement (CPI).
LINE: L2. Promotion of the demand for innovative products and services.
PROJECT TITLE: Smart Alcoi IoT Nodes.
ANNUITY: 2020-2021
AID GRANTED: Total aid of 95,200 Divided into 47,200€ in 2019 and 47,200€ in 2020.