A sustainable and innovative city.



Alcoy, our city, the one we love and the one we are proud of, has to keep moving along, remembering its identity, pushing on that own idiosyncrasy that makes it unique and claiming free of complexes its past but, definitely, working hard past days to make the future a reality.

We have a dream: A sustainable and innovative city. A place where their people live today, but, above all, a city that evolves to adapt to the future needs of tomorrow’s inhabitants.

The dreamt city will only come based on the work. That’s why we have a plan to make it reality. A roadmap with contributions of many participative people, that wants to see the actual vertiginous changes of the world. A plan to live in the Alcoy that we deserve!

We are proud to show you the most significant projects of Alcoydemà. Three important nodes: research, development and innovation and the tracks that link and connect them (river promenade, Entenza, bridges, green belt) are not the only projects but the most importants. A “city filosophy” where we are working on,. A plan that wants to link Alcoy again, retrieving the empty spaces, connect all the neighbourhoods and the citizens with the scrupulous environment aspect and the enhance for the technology and research.

Alcoydemà was born to leave an heritage that identifies us and links the present and the future. So today we create and introduce a new structural plan based in guaranteeing life quality and social equality.

Today it’s our turn. We design together to make Alcoy citizen’s life better for all the people involved in our city.

We divide our plan in five differentiated areas. Five challenges that we are sure we can overcome with hope.